CoDependency is....

Codependency is a set of behaviors that are not conducive to the self-esteem, value, respect, and appreciation of the one exemplifying such behaviors, but rather demoralizes that individual. Therefore, those who suffer from codependency and are involved with narcissists are not in relationships that will build them up, but rather tear them down emotionally.   

What is Codependency?

Symptoms of Codependency

1.) You are in a relationship with a psychologically damaged person.


2.) You are an enabler and do not encourage independence of the Narc, but feel obligated to do everything for them.


3.) You do not set boundaries for the Narc, but give in to them whenever they throw temper tantrums.


4.) You feel as if your Narc’s happiness and well-being is totally your responsibility with no personal  

contribution and input of the Narc.


5.) Your Narc’s issues are always at the core of your being.


6.) You have not set boundaries for your Narc, but allowed them to emotionally, physically, spiritually, and/or verbally abuse you.


7.) The Narc’s emotional behavior sets the tone for your day.


8.) You feel devalued and disrespected by the Narc.



9.) Your Narc’s needs take priority over yours in an unhealthy manner, while constantly trying to please them.


10.) Your emotions and feelings are squandered by those of the Narc and you often have suppressed feelings

of resentment, anger, depression, or felt the need to escape the company of the Narc through work, school, church and/or some other activity.


11.) You are not able to have a life apart from that of the Narc and will cancel plans with others if the Narc

expresses discontent even if you rarely make plans.


12.) You feel that you must maintain the relationship with the Narc regardless of their abuse at all costs.