Where is God?

There are times in life when you may ask the question, "Where is God?" You may be experiencing heartache, depression, illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce, bills, or some other unfortunate situation that has clouded your view into the future. The challenges in life may be coming one after the other with no end in sight as you ponder over possible solutions and yet, feelings of helplessness seem to take root in your mind. You've prayed, cried, fasted, and prayed some more only to feel alone because it seems as if God is not there.

The enemy loves when you have thoughts of hopelessness that he often plants and uses to discourage God's people as we travel along life's rocky road. The question, however, still remains as to, "Where is God?" God can sometimes seem so far when we face battles in life and we may often find ourselves doubting as to if He is even there for us. Well, He is!

The Bible tells the story of David who had gone through various challenges -- one of them being him having to be a fugitive from King Saul who was determined to kill him. He found himself being an outlaw and had to hide in order to save himself from being murdered by a jealous king. David's challenges did not end there. While he and his men had been away from their camp, enemy forces, the Amalekites came and took of with the women, children, and had set their camp afire. David's men were angry at what took place and spoke of stoning him. David did not have anyone to turn to during his distress but he knew that he could turn to the Lord and that's exactly what he did (1 Samuel 30).

God helped David to recover all that he and his men had lost and He will do the same thing for you. God had not left David and neither has He left you. In life, we will face many trials and various adversities. Nevertheless, God is there to help us through them all. It is during His silence that He is paying the most attention as to how we will respond when we think that He's not there. Be encouraged! God is there.

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