The Warning

The Warning

Christmas has now come and passed.

Enjoy being merry for it will not last.

This world is wicked and all will soon see,

That I will not be mocked – a nation will cease to be.

You murder my children and call it a choice,

But where is the Church to be their voice?

Too busy begging for money and pimping the rest.

You heathens in robes are like filthy crawling pest.

Marriage was My creation with which you have defiled.

Do not think that I have winked or cracked a smile.

You pervert the young and call gender an option.

Satan has now become your father, by a wicked adoption.

Prayer was taken out of schools that once honored me.

Now, satanic clubs are welcome, for the world to see.

Your leaders take bribes and plot evil behind the scenes,

But I am the God of all and see the smallest of things.

Assassination plots, cover-ups, secret operations with the world’s elite,

You have not seen nothing yet; I’m going to knock you off your feet.

The Armed Forces think that they can win wars on their own,

Fools you are, for you will reap what you have sewn.

Another president to be? Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

Pray I tell you! For many want to put this one in a casket.

Artificial intelligence is what they call their machines full of chrome.

You think you will replace humans? Idiots, you will roam.

Your filth has reached my nostrils and it has a horrible stench.

You have rejected my Living Water where thirst can be quenched.

The leaders of the world are corrupt, but I am exposing them all.

The church will not escape; the remnant will stand as the weak fall.

The truth is not embraced and lies are welcomed in.

You love to call wrong right and be enchanted into sin.

The apple of my eye, you have rejected and believed a lie.

I made a promise to Abraham, and our covenant did not die.

Your wicked leaders did not take a stand to protect my precious land.

Therefore, your fate is sealed as I lift My holy hand.

Jerusalem is mine! What land did you ever create?

This thing that you have done to them, will now seal your fate.

America you are nothing without Me and never will be.

My power was the one that allowed you to be the land of the free.

But now, you have become Babylon and as the one of old,

You will meet your fate in one hour as foretold.

Return to Me, for in Me there is mercy and grace.

I equip all who are faithful to run this race.

Failure to do so will give you the judgment you deserve.

For I am second to none, there is only one God you can serve.

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